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Plastic Surgery

For your Youthful & Beautiful Face

Lift & Contour

Recommended for people who would like to achieve a naturally slim face outline with less wrinkles using the main ingredients of botox without anesthesizing the expression of muscle.

Cost $326 Duration 40min

Botox & Filler

Instantly erase the traces of aging with just 1 treatment! [Botox] Wrinkle(Forehead/Glabella Scowl lines/Crow’s feet) Armpit(Excessive armpit sweating) / Calf(Calf reduction) [Derma Filler] Nasolabial folds/Forehead/Chin/Nose

Cost Botox $60~, Filler $314 per cc / Duration 30min

Hydration Bomb

Recommended for people who would like to get glowing radiant skin. The hyaluronic Acid is evenly injected into the facial skin to hydrate dried and tired skin . You can feel the difference very next day!

Cost $326 / Duration 60min


Recommended for people who would like to gain the total lifting effect with NO surgery, NO downtime, NO foreign substances and NO radical changes. Using focused ultrasound and the body’s own natural healing process, Ulthera can lift, tone, and tighten loose skin on face, neck and chest.

Cost $1,327 / Duration 60min

The cost is subject to change according to daily exchange rate.

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