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Burying method

This is one of the most common methods for forming double eyelids without any incisions. It removes fat and muscles from your eyelid through just a tiny operation slit. Therefore, it is the most preferred method as it leaves no scars and enables you to recover quickly. Burying method will make your eye lines more natural and clearer.

Cases requiring Burying Method

  • Desire to have natural appearances with no scars.
  • Double-eyelids with multiple lines or singled double-eyelids.
  • Faded or indistinct double-eyelids after surgery.

Incisional Method

Partial Incision Method : As a combination of non-incision method and fat removal, it minimizes the scar and swellings from surgery, forming much more natural and optimized eyelids.

Cases requiring Partial Incision Method

  • Heavy eyelids with excess fat.
  • Eyelids that swell up every morning.

Full Incision Method : After removing unnecessary fat and muscles from your eyelid, dermis of your skin and muscles will be partially fixed together so that they could form much more clear and bold lines on your eyelids.

Cases requiring Full Incision Method

  • Desire to get corrections for your eye lines.
  • Difficulty opening eyes due to ptosis
  • Excessively drooped or thick eyelids.

Epicanthoplasty – “Recover your hidden 3mm!”

Inner Corner Fold Removal

It’s available to form ideal distance of your glabella through this method. You are able to have much more clear and smooth lines of double-eyelids.

Cases requiring Inner Corner Fold Removal

  • Short distance between eyes due to Mongolian folds.
  • Long distance between eyes.
  • Desire to have bigger eyes.

Outer Core Fold Removal (Lateral Canthoplasty)

You can change your close-set eyes into enlarged and clearer eyes through Outer Corner Extension method in which the outer corners of your eyes are corrected in their shape and height, forming gentle impressions.

Cases Requiring Outer Core Fold Removal

  • Dull appearance due to short width of eyes.
  • Dissatisfactory results from Inner Corner Fold Removal.
  • Unable to go through Inner Corner Fold Removal due to short distance between eyes.
  • Slanted eyes that give unfavorable impressions.

Ptosis Correction

Having difficulty opening your eyes due to weakness of levator muscles or sleepy and dull appearances are usually caused by ptosis. Ptosis Correction method is not a simple double eyelid surgery but a method that adequately adjusts the strength of levator muscle to enlarge your eyes. Ptosis Correction is a kind of ptosis correction for those who are not clearly diagnosed as ptosis or those whose degree of ptosis is lower than the standard status.

Cases requiring Ptosis Correction

  • Sleepy eyelids
  • Opened upper eyelids that cover the pupils.

Blepharoplasty (Upper Eyelid Correction)

As you get old, your upper eyelids tend to droop downwards which makes you look tired and old. Moreover, if worse, it can block your view. Blepharoplasty method adequately removes flaccid skin, fat and muscle to help you find young-looking eyes as they used to be.

Lower Eyelid Correction

Wrinkles under the lower eyelids tend to add up and the skin tends to droop down as you get old. That’s why your skin under the eyes is bulging with fat. Lower eyelid correction a complex method that rearranges the surrounding septum, removing excess fat which minimizes the side effects and give you a natural look.

Post-Operative Instructions

  • For 2-3 days after surgery, you should apply ice pack every day. Starting from a week after the surgery, it’s better to apply ice pack in the morning and warm pack in the afternoon.
  • Try not to lay your face downwards while asleep. Support your head using 2-3 pillows when sleeping and this will help you ease the swelling and pain.
  • Refrain from weeping or rubbing and closing eyelids too hard.
  • Stitches will be removed within 5-7 days therefore it’s better to put an eye makeup a week after the surgery.
  • You must avoid drinking and smoking for 4 weeks since it distracts you from recovering.
  • You may wear your contact lenses after 2 weeks from surgery. During this period you may wear glasses and sunglasses instead.
  • Artificial eyelashes are wearable after a month from surgery.
  • Try to avoid using sauna for 2-3 weeks.
  • Swelling after surgery appears in everyone’s recovering period, but may differ from individual’s physical constitution.

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