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Korean Medicine / Korean Medicine Program

NABI Body Clinic

Keep in shape through Korean Medicine Body Clinic!

It’s mainly for reducing body fat and puts emphasis on becoming healthier
after the treatment. Therefore, it doesn’t overstrain your body and
helps you keep in shape. It not only has advantages in losing weight
and changing body shapes but also in reducing the side effects
such as yo-yo syndrome. You can select the therapy site as you wish
: upper body, lower body and abdomen.

Treatment Program

We present optimal treatment according to patient’s status
with the combination of the following treatments.

  • Thread-embedding therapy
    Medical threads are inserted into abdomen, arms, hips and thighs,
    lifting up your droopy skin and muscles.
    This treatment is suitable for those the standard body weight and less.
  • Wild Ginseng Diet Herbal Acupuncture
    This treatment is suitable for those who want to lose their size partially.
    Through clinical trials Wild Ginseng Diet Herbal Acupuncture has been
    proved to have excellent anti-obesity effect.
    The ingredients used in this treatment are safe as they are natural extracts.
    Raising your metabolism, you will feel much lighter and more energetic after this treatment.
  • Electro lipolysis Acupuncture
    Apply acupuncture needles on fat accumulated parts of body such as abdomen,
    arms and thighs. And then, by applying electric current it promotes excretion
    and break down of fat.
  • Star Moxa
    After cauterizing moxa cautery for 30 ~ 60 minutes, it conveys heat not only to
    subcutaneous fat of your abdomen but also to intra-abdominal fat and internal organs.
    If you take this treatment regularly for 10 times a month, you are able to lose
    weight and reduce your body size.
  • Whole Body realignment therapy
    This acupuncture technique stimulates muscles or ligaments to correct your imbalances in face size, shoulder height and hip height. It adjusts the basic axis of human body and enables you to keep in balanced shape.
  • Auricular Acupuncture
    Auricular acupuncture needles are put on the acupuncture points around your ears where it controls your appetite. Whenever you are worried about overeating, by performing acupressure you are able to suppress your appetite.

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