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Tooth whitening clinic

Tooth whitening is

There are many causes of teeth enamel discoloration like genetic reason, aging, chemical damage, the use of prosthodontics, staining from the consumption of certain types of medication, coffee, tea or cigarettes. This treatment is to whiten these discolored teeth so you can restore your bright beautiful smile on your face.

TRINITY WHITE Bleaching System

Upgrade than ZOOM2


  • 1.It is safe.
    TRINITY WHITE which is self-developed by Samil is excellent in reliability and safety of products because it is produced and sold in GMP facilities.
  • 2.It is convenient.
    TRINITY WHITE reduces the time of whole teeth bleaching procedure. So, it is simple and convenient .
  • 3.There is no limit.
    Because TRINITY WHITE LAMP is no limits, it is applicable in various teeth bleaching methods to individual patient.
  • 4.It has a good affect.
    TRINITY WHITE GEL minimizes hyperesophoria reaction, and maximizes the effectiveness of teeth bleaching. Also, TRINITY WHITE LAMP can control the light intensity for each case of patient.
TRINITY WHITE Before & After
Office Bleaching

We diagnose individually appropriate number of cycles and concentration of whitening gel according to patient’s eating habits, teeth’s color, density, and crack by visiting our center.You can have white bright smile by just 1 visit.

Home Bleaching

We provide customized individual whitening trays so that anyone can get whitening treatment at home easily. This treatment is for patients with slight discoloration or who want to last effect of office bleaching longer or want to get it with office bleaching at the same time to maximizewhitening effect in short time.

INHA IMC Dental Clinic’s pre-evaluation chart
  • Check medical condition related to tooth whitening
  • Thorough examination of the teeth
  • Check teeth’s sensitivity and any lesion on radiographic images
  • Evaluation of teeth’s transparency and its own color
  • Prediction of color improvement after the whitening
  • Check teeth’s color before the whitening using shade tab

INHA IMC Dental Clinic’s explanation
  • Individual teeth condition diagnosed from pre-evaluation chart
  • Preference of wearing whitening tray
  • Improvement of teeth’s color that patient expect
  • Time limit until the whitening is completed
  • Any treatment should be completed before the whitening

Procedure of tooth whitening treatment
Whole procedure of official bleaching takes around 2 hours
  • The best dental chair, German SIRONA’s high-end dental chair.
    SINIUS® can gives you the best comfort with ergonomic design.
  • You can get whitening treatment with comfortable position for long time.

Material for official bleaching
  • High-end whitening machine Zoom Advance Power ® of Discuss Dental from U.S.A.
  • Best-selling whitening gel whose safety and efficiency has proved all over the world.
  • According to whitening reaction of the teeth, whitening cycle can be controlled so we can provide comfortable and safe treatment.

Procedure of tooth whitening treatment
Machine for home bleaching
  • We have vacuum machine to make tray
    for home bleaching at our dental laboratory.
  • We can make whitening tray while you are getting
    other treatment(1 and a half hours ~ 2hours),
    so you can receive the home bleaching kit and
    start home bleaching on the day you visit our clinic
    without waiting.

Material for home bleaching
  • Opalescence® whitening gel of U.S.A Ultradent products
    that is proved it’s safety from KFDA.
  • Opalescence® whitening gel contains fluoride and
    Potassium so it can be applied to the patients
    who have severe sensitivity.

Instructions for home bleachingr
  • Instructions for use and post-whitening instructions
    that are translated in English/Chinese/Russian are
    given with explanation. Personal assistant who can
    speak your language will guide you until the end
    of treatment without any inconvenience

Post-whitening care system
Happy call
  • We provide continuous and responsible care not only once but also when you are back in your country.
  • For official bleaching, we check symptoms that may occur right after the treatment.
  • For home bleaching, we check the amount of used whitening gel, symptoms that may occur and instruct the way to handle those symptoms.
  • We give you continuous care with happy call at an interval of 1 day/1week/3week,

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