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Acne clinic

Teenagers do not have a monopoly on acne any more.It became one of the most common dermatological diseases that could be seen on anyone of all ages who experiences stress in their lives. Acne, if not treated properly in the early stage, can leave you a permanent scar. Obviously, this is relevant to some inferiority complex of looks, which could lead to problems on interpersonal relationships.

Acne Scaling

Simultaneously with peeling off the horny layer of skin surface it helps generate dermis collagen synthesis of your skin. It is highly effective in removing bacteria from acne and exfoliation. Ultimately, you will be able to have clear and glossy skin

Acne Scar Scaling
  • CROSS Therapy

    Applies chemical substance called TCA on the inferior surface of scar and partially peels off the skin. Though this regenerating process, it enables the furrowed parts to fill up naturally with newly generated skin. This treatment is highly effective in curing pore problems due to acne.


This laser system leads to regenerations of both dermis and epidermis through beaming thousands of Micro Beams on your skin tissue. It forms artificial scars on your skin which has minute peel off effects. This laser beam therapy is a Total Skin Regenerating Therapy in that it relaxes scars from acne and produces additional elasticity of your skin

CO2 laser

Co2 laser is usually known as a therapist device that removes moles on skin. This device is being actively used in the dermatologic and facial skin therapy field. This laser has wavelengths of 10600mm which can destroy moisturized tissues non-selectively. Apart from being used in various dermatologic therapies it is also being used in laser decortication for curing wrinkles and acne scars.

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