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A Turkish girl fighting cancer receives a medical check-up at INHA International Medical Center




“I’ve never given up while fighting against cancer.  It was my dream to visit Korea, and I’m so happy to have my wish fulfilled.”


A visit by Turkish girl with cancer, who is into K-pop, to Korea is a topic of conversation.


According to Incheon Tourism on the 23rd, Ayse was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma 4 years ago and have been struggling against it until now, and was featured in the local media about how she’s fighting the difficult process of cancer treatment with the dream of visiting Korea, which she encountered through K-pop.


Having heard this news, Korea Tourism Organization Istanbul branch and Korean Cultural Center in Turkey invited Ayse to fulfill her dream, and City of Incheon and Incheon Tourism Organization provided support in this event.


Along with fun-filled schedule to visit popular tourist attractions in Incheon, such as Songdo Central Park, China Town and Songwol-dong Fairytale Village, etc., Ayse’s medical check-up is going to take place at Inha International Medical Center.


Having heard about this bright girl flying all the way from the other side of the world, Inha International Medical Center gladly decided to provide the medical check-up program for free, and held a warm farewell event wishing Ayse’s fast recovery.


 Incheon Tourism Organization, which carried out Ayse’s visit to Incheon, stated that it will continue to promote Incheon’s medical technology through various medical sharing events.

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